Week 5 – D Tune

This weeks song, “D Tune” is a composition from a few years back. Ironically the song is in the key of Db, not D which is one clue that the D in the title doesn’t refer to the musical note D. Anyways, I also recorded this tune years ago but was never released. For me the composition process never seems to be a straightforward one. That is, initial ideas are easy to come by, but editing them into a cohesive musical thought always seems to be more challenging. I guess this tune is one of those exceptions. By that I mean it came into my head more or less as the complete composition and all I had to do was remember it and write it down. Which was a challenge in itself because I was half asleep when I had the idea and tried to tell myself to remember it so when I was awake I could write it down. This approach has failed me many times and not just with musical ideas. Which is why having methods of capture (recorders, paper and pencil etc…) is definitely a good thing in this modern age. Plus sometimes we remember something as being good idea when in reality, when a little time has passed, well maybe not much so.

This performance is pretty straightforward, playing the melody, each taking a chorus, melody out, then a bit of trading at the end, but it seems to suit this Latin-ish tune.

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