5 Weeks of Duo Chronicles

_MG_0993Today we’re posting the video for week 5 of the Duo Chronicles project.  We’ve had a great response from everyone that’s seen the project so far – mostly the jazz community and fans around Portland.  We’ve kept it small at the beginning, but as we start to move along in the project, we’re going to try to expand our audience and community beyond our Northwest stomping grounds.  After all, part of the idea  of having the project internet-based is that we aren’t tied to one specific locale.

So. as we go into week 5, if you have friends that are jazz fans, consider letting them know about our little project?  As I write this we have 729 views of our videos on YouTube – let’s see how long it takes to get to 1000.  All of the videos we’ve posted so far are below.

Thanks for the support as we start to explore.

Week 5 – D Tune

Week 4 – Legacy

Week 3 – Drew’s Dues

Week 2 – Haystack

Week 1 – Chrysalis

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