Week 10 – Horizons

“Horizons” was written after a lot of listening to Keith Jarrett’s Country from the record My Song featuring Jan GarbarekWe’ve mentioned before that our music is heavily influenced by the European Quartet, both from a compositional standpoint and a sonic perspective.

The song is relatively simple – it takes a motif and moves it through a few keys, using simple harmonic motion with the exception of the last chord.

All of jazz isn’t fast, high, loud, and filled with ii-Vs…

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5 thoughts on “Week 10 – Horizons”

  1. Nice tenor tone.. what’s the set up? The piano recording had alot of distortion on the higher notes, it might just be things on my end.
    Another nice piece!

    1. Distortion must be one your end – sounds clear to me.

      My tenor setup is a little strange. Still looking for the perfect VI, so it’s a Cannonball tenor. Mouthpiece is made by a Portland guy named Patrick Springer. He worked on the piece with me quite a bit to get it feeling right. I basically wanted something that felt like my Meyer alto piece. Reeds are #3 Rico Royal.

  2. Thanks, John. I like the Meyer on alto too, but never got one to work right on tenor. Hopefully you’ll find the perfect VI while the market is still soft! I’m sure you would sound great on any horn. I’m learning alot from listening to you.

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