Week 12 – Always April

The composition this week was originally arranged for solo piano – that is every note written out as in most classical music. Rearranging it, and adapting to a lead sheet form went pretty smoothly and I’m happy with this recorded version. It is more open, breathes, and has a greater range of dynamics. Stylistically, the inspiration comes more from Brahms than Bebop. More theme and variations than free form improvising. Harmonically was trying to achieve a balance between consonance and dissonance. Even a Major 7th chord (usually consonant sound arranged in 3rds) can be rearranged so the interval structure creates more dissonant sound (minor 2nds, 5ths.) After all, intervals are the building blocks of chords. Maybe these are subtle harmonic changes but one that can quite effective I think.

I have named various compositions for months of the year. For me April represents the change that occurs from winter to spring. The change that is always constant.

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