Week 17 – Holiday Music

This week, we’re bringing you two songs instead of just one.  Also, instead of doing original material, we chose to do arrangements of traditional holiday songs.  With the way that we approached them, I think they still sound like Duo Chronicles – not a total departure from our usual sound into the some-old way that these songs are normally played.

My arrangement of “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” (video above) has the typical form of the old carol, but departs harmonically into dense chords.  The melody is kept pretty true to the original, though.  In the video, you’ll see footage from Portland, Oregon’s own Peacock Lane.  If you’re not from around here, I’ll explain:  Peacock Lane is a stretch of about four blocks in Southeast Portland where all of the houses get decked out in holiday decorations through the month of December.  People flock to the street to drive or walk through and admire the festivities each night, causing what I’m sure is a nightmare for the residents of the lane.  Clay and I were remarking as we drove past last week that it must be tough on the realtors on that street when they’re about to close the deal on a house and they have to explain that there’s just one more thing to mention – they probably won’t be able to drive up to their house or get any quiet time in the evenings for 1/12th of each year.

Clay’s arrangement of Silent Night is in a similar vein – the basic form of the tune, but with new chords.  That is, until the end when we start trading.  This video has footage from the Heathman Hotel’s holiday decorations.

Happy holidays from Duo Chronicles.

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