Week 18 – The Code

When we started Duo Chronicles, it was summer.  It was hot out, and going to the park to be able to record a tune outside was an attractive idea to escape the studio where we were recording without the AC on to keep the noise levels down.

As I write this, we’re a third of the way done with the year-long project, and Portland is getting its first snow of the season outside.  I don’t think we’ll be recording outside again for a while.

This is a tune I wrote in November, specifically for the project.  I actually had a different idea about the direction that the tune would take, but once I brought it to Clay, we started experimenting and ended up with the feel you’ll hear in our recorded version.  Instead of Clay playing big voicings using five to ten notes at a time, he’s splitting up the voices and playing the notes individually as eighth notes.  This gives it kind of a complex sound, even though the chord changes are relatively simple.  Thus the title I decided on: “The Code”

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