Week 23 – One Foot Forward

When going through some of our past episodes, I realized that we had very few songs where we can stretch out on our solos over simple chord changes.  Most of our pieces navigate through complex chords (some more than others) rather than just giving us something simple to explore.  Especially since many times one of us gets a first look at the song just a few minutes before we record, we end up devoting a lot of concentration to getting through the changes without mistakes.

In order to give us some freedom from the page, I wrote this song based on a McCoy Tyner sort of vibe with long stretches of D minor to play over.  Of course (because we just couldn’t resist), we added in some complexity in the melody and how we dealt with the form of the piece.  Nonetheless, I think we came away with something a little different than what we’ve done in the past.

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