Week 24 – Second Chances

A few weeks ago, Clay and I used the last few minutes of a recording session to take a crack at a tune that I had just scribbled out a couple of days before.  The song didn’t have a title, systems were scratched out on the paper, and I didn’t really have a form in mind, but somehow we managed to put it together and get what I thought would be a pretty good recording of it.

Unfortunately, while listening back to the mixes, we realized that the piano mics had some distortion due to some radio interference, which made us worry that the tracks might be unusable.  But, Clay went to work with ProTools and came away with a track where the interference was barely audible.  I thought we were in the clear, but when I started editing the video, I realized that I only had video from one of the cameras.  That take clearly wasn’t meant to be.

So now, a few weeks later, we present what I’ve titled “Second Chances” — our second attempt at recording the song.  No radio interference this time.  Both cameras did their jobs.  If you look at the sheet music, though, you still see that system scribbled out.

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