Week 27 – Still Going

Sometimes simplicity is nice.  This week’s song doesn’t have any complex chord changes, any odd meters, or strange phrasing.  It’s just a little pop tune that feels good.

The title, “Still Going,” is a reference to the fact that this song is kicking off the second half of our year-long project.  As we move into weeks 27-52, we’ve just finished the Portland Jazz Festival where we got to see some amazing Norwegian musicians that performed as headliners of the festival.  The most apropos to the Duo Chronicles project was the saxophone/accordion duo of Trygve Seim and Frode Haltli.  They played a beautiful set of melodic music intertwined with sound and texture-based improvisation.  I know that in the second half of our project here I’d love to explore some ideas that they inspired.

Look for new explorations coming in the next few weeks.

Already in the bullpen ready to go is a through-composed song that I wrote based on some of the sounds I heard from the Christian Wallumrod ensemble — another Norwegian group made up of piano, harp, trumpet, cello, violin, and percussion.

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