Week 29 – Blues

It always comes back to the blues, or in the immortal words of Joe Williams, “everyday I have the blues.”  By that I mean, the 12 bar form that jazz musicians often use as a template for improvising. The blues can be simple, complex or some combination of the two. The blues can be sad, mournful or happy and upbeat. Basically a wide range of emotion can be projected. Same with tempo anywhere from super slow to blistering fast. So I guess part of the appeal is the versatility and freedom possible when playing a blues. If you attend a jam session chances are good that you will hear a blues at some point.

So the title for this week is simple, just blues. I thought it appropriate to take a melody that I had written several years and explore it through lens of today. I think John and I draw from the blues vernacular, but also explore harmonic and rhythmic ideas from a more modern standpoint, a blend of the two ends of the spectrum.

Note: Duo Chronicles will be performing live at Brasserie Montmartre on March 18th

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