Week 30 – Ides of March

The Ides of March refers to the 15th of March so I suppose we are a few weeks late with this one. Julius Caesar was killed on this day and was warned of his impending death, but didn’t take heed. I choose this title more in relation to the fact the Spring makes a brief appearance and then withdraws, but it is clear that a change of season is coming. The shape or form of this composition is a subtle rise throughout, culminating in a somewhat deceptive harmonic resolution in the end. Just because a piece of music starts on a minor chord doesn’t mean it can’t end on a major one.  The rain and wind may blow, but eventually must break, in its own cadence, its own time.

One thought on “Week 30 – Ides of March”

  1. Extremely creative – good to see music like this being composed and played so well in Portland. The phrase “21st-century chamber music” comes to mind. Nice ending in a major key. Also nice to see such an incredible piano in a private studio. Please let the world know when you do public appearances with this duo.

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