Week 34 – Souvenirs of Memory

This week’s video was shot at the home of a friend who has a very nice Steinway piano and some colorful artwork. Location recording can be more tricky logistically, but having done this for a few weeks now everything went surprisingly smoothly.

There is a theme of dualism this composition. First the two alto saxophone tracks. Then in the solo section trading between the piano and alto. I relate this to idea of memory, whether long-term or short-term. How accurate is either really? is memory tied to experience? Does that change over time? Really depends on personal perspective I guess.

Music definitely triggers memory and vice versa. I have listened to a piece of music that I haven’t heard in a while and heard it quite differently. Maybe hearing new things. One thing is for sure, even though music is experienced in a linear-based timeframe, memory can be timeless or even fragmented jumping from place to place.

Have any of you listeners had experiences relating to music and memory?

One thought on “Week 34 – Souvenirs of Memory”

  1. hi Clay, John –

    Beautiful. I’m Marshall’s brother, and it’s intriguing to hear the familiar way sound “sounds” in his house. We have been interested, at times passionate about Scandinavian jazz since the early 70’s and it’s so cool to hear where it has gone over the decades in your work. I love the sense of space in the composition – I can hear the room, get a sense of the air, like your music is also having a dialog with it. Although the piece has to do with memory, it makes me also feel very present. Great work.

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