Week 47 – Up in the Air

This New Orleans-inspired piece is a blues of sorts (in the Kind-of-Blue sense) with a second-line type groove.  If I remember correctly, I wrote it just before a jam session, where I tried it out for the first time.  Despite the simple sounding melody and chord changes, it can be a challenge to keep together on the first performance because of a time signature change in the middle of the piece.  It makes perfect sense in context with the melody and the chord changes, but it can throw people for a loop the first time they read it.

Clay and I have been playing this song for a few years now, in a number of different formats, including in an acoustic combo (including with Clay’s group, the Upper Left trio), in an electric fusion group, and as a duo.  In fact, we played this song on our first appearance on a podcast, when I appeared on Strange Love Live for the first time.

For this performance, we rethought the form a bit, but all of the familiar elements are still there.

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