Duo Chronicles iPhone/iPad app released!

It’s been a while since we’ve had news on the Duo Chronicles front, but today, I have an announcement that we’re pretty excited about: the Duo Chronicles iPhone/iPad app is available in the iTunes app store.

Writing an app has been a goal of mine since I got my first iPhone a few years ago, but I had never devoted the time to learn the new programming skills, partially because I didn’t have an idea for an app that I really wanted to make.

In December of last year, thinking that I was going to have a slow January (which didn’t turn out to be the case, slowing the timeline down a bit), I decided that making a Duo Chronicles app could be a fun learning experience and at the same time give our audience a new (and maybe more fun) way to browse our videos and sheet music.  It started as just an iPhone app, but I quickly realized that the project would be even better viewed on an iPad.  The version that ended up in the app store is a universal binary, which runs on any iOS device.  I think that the experience navigating through the videos in the app turned out really well — it’s fast, easy, and provides a great viewing experience for the videos and (especially in the iPad version) the sheet music.

Within the app, users can view our videos, read the descriptions, see the sheet music, share with friends through email and Facebook, mark videos as a favorite to come back to later, and on the iPad version, even view and post comments to our website.

The app is free, so please download a copy and explore our videos!

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