The Goal

Our goal is to release a new song each week for a year.  Hopefully all of these will be video (HD quality) but an audio track may slip in here or there.  Make sure to subscribe in some fashion (email, facebook, twitter, rss, etc) to keep up with us when we release something new each week.


Clay Giberson and John Nastos - Duo Chronicles

Clay Giberson and John Nastos are both working musicians in Portland, Oregon.  Both are professional performers, composers, and educators and are kept busy in Portland’s jazz scene.  To find out more about each individual, please visit their websites.


The performances posted on this site are released under the Creative Commons license.  Specifically, they are the Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0.  While the performances themselves are released under CC, the compositions themselves are not and are sole property of the composer.

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