Year 2, Month 10 — October

Clay and I have both had plenty of occasions to playing with Tim Gilson on gigs, but always when he’s playing bass.  For this video, we decided to take advantage of another one of his many talents: playing the cello.  As a side note, people who have seen Tim play bass may have noticed that he tunes his bass in an unusual way.  Rather than tuning in 4ths, like a bass guitar, he tunes in 5ths, like the cello.

The piece I wrote to feature Tim is a genre-bending classical/jazz hybrid.  It has long through-composed sections and two “solo” sections that are really more “improvising” sections than they are “solo” sections, since they don’t feature one musician in particular.

Year 2, Month 6 — June

This month’s video features Tim Jensen, one of the area’s best woodwind doublers, playing flute.  Originally, I intended to write a piece for flute, soprano saxophone, and piano, but as I went through revisions of the piece, I decided that while the combination of soprano and flute is an interesting color (we used it in the original Duo Chronicles project), I really wanted to take the opportunity to play a duet with Tim.

Year 2, Month 4 — April

April’s Duo Chronicles + brings in someone who I had been hoping to collaborate with for a long time.  In fact, when we did our first year of Duo Chronicles videos, we had toyed with the idea of doing an occasional video where we would play duo with someone else and throw it into the series as an extra.  As it turned out, one video a week with the two of us was enough to keep up with and we never did the extra videos, but it seemed like with our guest series during our second year, it was a perfect time to bring in Mike.

Mike has a great ability to fit into a role while still sounding like himself.  He plays piano and vibes and can play old-timey swing just as well as he can play modern jazz.  I decided to take advantage of this and write a tune with a variety of harmonic devices.  The tune overall has a very modal feel to it, but the individual changes add some complexity that Mike handles in a great way.

Year 2, Month 2 — February

It’s the end of February and time for our second video in the Duo Chronicles + series.  After doing one a week for the first year of Duo Chronicles, one a month sure seems like a long time goes by between videos.  Still, though, it seems like we end up scrambling to meet the deadline.

This month’s video features Paul Mazzio on flugelhorn.  Paul is a staple in the Portland scene and has a beautiful tone on both trumpet and flugelhorn that people always want to hear.  There’s a lot of character in his playing, which carries through to the personalities of the bands that he plays with.

Since we’re still in the winter months, the composition is fairly dark and lyrical.  Elements of melody, harmony, and time slide back and forth, rarely settling for more than a couple of bars, much like an Oregon February where you never know quite what to expect, except that it’s probably not going to be a heat wave.

Holiday 2011 — O Tannenbaum

A year and a half after finishing the year-long Duo Chronicles project, Clay suggested that we get together and put together a video for the holiday season this year.  After returning from almost three weeks in Europe on tour, I returned home and quickly wrote out an arrangement of “O Tannenbaum” (also known as “O Christmas Tree”).

Just a couple days before Christmas, we found a couple hours in our holiday schedules, dug the lights and cameras out of their boxes and put together this video.  Both of us were excited to be back to the project and doing a recording.  I’m hoping that in 2012 we’ll have some time to work on new projects together.

Happy holidays, everyone.