Duo Chronicles iPhone/iPad app released!

It’s been a while since we’ve had news on the Duo Chronicles front, but today, I have an announcement that we’re pretty excited about: the Duo Chronicles iPhone/iPad app is available in the iTunes app store.

Writing an app has been a goal of mine since I got my first iPhone a few years ago, but I had never devoted the time to learn the new programming skills, partially because I didn’t have an idea for an app that I really wanted to make.

In December of last year, thinking that I was going to have a slow January (which didn’t turn out to be the case, slowing the timeline down a bit), I decided that making a Duo Chronicles app could be a fun learning experience and at the same time give our audience a new (and maybe more fun) way to browse our videos and sheet music.  It started as just an iPhone app, but I quickly realized that the project would be even better viewed on an iPad.  The version that ended up in the app store is a universal binary, which runs on any iOS device.  I think that the experience navigating through the videos in the app turned out really well — it’s fast, easy, and provides a great viewing experience for the videos and (especially in the iPad version) the sheet music.

Within the app, users can view our videos, read the descriptions, see the sheet music, share with friends through email and Facebook, mark videos as a favorite to come back to later, and on the iPad version, even view and post comments to our website.

The app is free, so please download a copy and explore our videos!

Duo Chronicles on KMHD – March 12th

Duo Chronicles will be doing a short on-air performance on March 12th on Portland’s jazz station – KMHD.

The host of the show, Lynn Darroch, will join us for one of his “jazz stories” that he has prepared to accompany our piece “Common Ground.”  We’ll also be performing another piece from our repertoire as a duo.

Tune in a 2PM on 89.1 or on the web at KMHD.fm

Duo Chronicles at RiverPlace for the Portland Jazz Festival

On Friday, February 26th we’ll be playing a rare live Duo Chronicles performance at RiverPlace as part of the Portland Jazz Festival.

We’ll be playing selections from our videos, some new material, and maybe even a few standards thrown in here and there.

There’s no cover, so feel free to stop by for some dinner or a drink and enjoy some live jazz!

Friday, February 26th

8:00 PM

1510 SW Harbor Way

No Cover

Strange Love Live appearance

On Friday, November 13th, Strange Love Live aired an episode featuring Duo Chronicles.  They came over with bins of equipment, including multiple cameras, lighting, and even a Tricaster, creating a beautiful show including four performances and a short interview segment.

We’d like to thank the SLL team (including @camikaos, @drnormal, and @unclenate) for putting this together.

You can download the episode from Blip.tv or search for it on iTunes.

30 hour day

30hourday-guest-125px On December 19th, Clay and I will be volunteering on 30 Hour Day, a 30-hour telethon benefiting charities in Oregon, including the Oregon Food Bank, Toys for Tots, and Free Geek.

We haven’t set a specific time that we’ll be appearing yet, but keep an eye on the blog here at duochronicles.com – we’ll post more information as we get it.

Duo Chronicles videos available as podcasts in iTunes

Picture 4

We have an exciting technological development to announce today: Duo Chronicles videos will be available in iTunes in the podcast directory.  That means you can subscribe in iTunes and have the newest videos downloaded for you automatically.  We’re providing two different versions of the videos – one that is full HD and the other a 640×480 DVD quality version that is not only smaller to download, but also playable on portable devices like your iPod or iPhone.

For bandwidth reasons, only the last two or three videos will be available to download.

Here are the links to the iTunes store:

Picture 5

New recording setup


Experimenting with a new recording setup.  In this picture, we’re doing the first tune that uses keyboard instead of piano.  We also have a microphone setup for the piano and saxophone instead of using the built-in mics on the cameras.  Moving up in the world…

5 Weeks of Duo Chronicles

_MG_0993Today we’re posting the video for week 5 of the Duo Chronicles project.  We’ve had a great response from everyone that’s seen the project so far – mostly the jazz community and fans around Portland.  We’ve kept it small at the beginning, but as we start to move along in the project, we’re going to try to expand our audience and community beyond our Northwest stomping grounds.  After all, part of the idea  of having the project internet-based is that we aren’t tied to one specific locale.

So. as we go into week 5, if you have friends that are jazz fans, consider letting them know about our little project?  As I write this we have 729 views of our videos on YouTube – let’s see how long it takes to get to 1000.  All of the videos we’ve posted so far are below.

Thanks for the support as we start to explore.

Week 5 – D Tune

Week 4 – Legacy

Week 3 – Drew’s Dues

Week 2 – Haystack

Week 1 – Chrysalis