Week 48 – Law Of Averages

As we head to the final few weeks of the Duo Chronicles project, musically we have covered many different styles of jazz. This weeks tune, “Law Of Averages” has a meditative-gospel sound to my ears. Often music defies one singular category so descriptive terms are piled on and on like, acid-electronic-fusion-contemporary jazz, for example. At a certain point too many adjectives render musical description more confusing than useful. This descriptive process usually varies quite a bit from individual to individual.

The form is based around a repeated six bar chord progression that repeats and is varied somewhat to give a more through-composed feel. Subtle, but effective I think. Just to give a little bit of forward momentum. John and I both take short solos. The music doesn’t necessarily need virtuosic-type solo improvisations, shorter more thematic solos do just fine. Also, I added a track of organ, just to fill out the overall sound, a little bit of musical “glue.” John had a nice idea to trade soloing over the the final chords of the composition; some musical dialogue.

Week 15 – Truth

This week’s Duo Chronicles video is a departure from what we’ve done before. Instead of doing a live recording of the tune, we chose to record a basic track of just piano and saxophone, and then layer more parts on top of it.  The whole process took quite a while, but we ended up with:

  1. Piano
  2. Three saxophone tracks
  3. Organ (Nord Electro)
  4. EWI (EWI4000s)
  5. Percussion

We had video of all of the tracks, so the video production is a bit more…involved than it has been.

Regarding the title, I think every composer writes something called Truth at some point in their career.  The great thing about that title, is it means something different and personal for everyone.  For me, Truth in music means not playing something super intellectual because I can, or playing something that fits in the “jazz tradition” (whatever that means) because that’s what I’m supposed to do.  It means writing and playing music that is true to myself.  Sometimes that means a simple tune like this.


If you’re reading this during the week that it comes out, please come to our December 14th show at Jimmy Mak’s!  8-11 PM, no cover.  It will feature Duo Chronicles, the Upper Left Trio, and combinations of members from both groups.

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